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Who We Are

Our company established in 1979 under the name GÖKTEKİN TİCARET PAZARLAMA has walked to success without giving up our principles of the first day of foundation... We started our journey by marketing products for facilitation of human life with the thought of “Life quality is the most natural right of all people”… Our fastidiousness for product selection, our belief in the brands we market, our customer-focused marketing strategies have formed an unshakeable bond based on trust between our firm and our customers… Our range of products has developed as the demand to our products increased and we started to work to establish our own trademark During his speech on television to the businessman in 1988, the deceased Turkish president Mr Turgut Ozal emphasized “not to pursue business in domestic market all the time, but also do business in the overseas market as well”. Upon his suggestion, we started to sell domestic products to abroad.

Year 1996..We changed our firm name as GÖKTEKİN DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. we decided to work overseas. We started foreign trade in the same year. We have created GOSONIC brand the shining star of Middle East market... After the economic crisis took affect in Turkey in 2001,we stop working in domestic market and completely continue to work overseas. When taking our brand into the market we act with the awareness of our every product being our natural "Advertiser"… We considered our customers as our “Inspectors” that audit on us and we produced fast and permanent solutions to even their smallest complaints…

We became a reliable “brand“ by constantly increasing our market share with the principle of “sustainable quality and service” While walking to the peak we looked where we step not upwards… We did never change our amateur look in the way of professionalism. And today… GOSONIC becoming one of the most reliable brands of the Middle East market is taking its place in the peak fast with its product range constantly being developing and renewed… With our trust in our brand, our love for our customers and our respect to our job we strengthen day by day our leadership in the region… We come closer day by day to our claim of being a "World brand" with our educated and specialist personnel of 70 persons and our constantly extending coverage area…